Since the release of "Keepin’ The Vibe Alive" I have had a major number birthday, received one of the coolest guitars I have ever owned, and traveled to the jungles of  Los Angeles to experience an ancient Ayahuasca ceremony.
Because it was a significant birthday my friends and family chipped in to buy me a guitar that I had seen and wanted since my AC days. The timing was perfect. I needed something to spark a new round of creativity and the National Style “O” did the trick. Although it is traditionally used by Blues players I found its sound as much of a Rock sound as my Fenders and Gibsons, only it is an acoustic guitar. It is louder than fuck if I play it hard and can be whisper quiet and still retain its tone, because the body is made of brass! After a 4 month search I found it online. I had never bought a guitar that I hadn’t played first so the owner shipped it to me for my approval. It arrived on a Fri.. I smoked a fatty, spent the evening with it and bought it the next day.
A couple of months later through a close friend, I was invited to an Ayahuasca ceremony deep in the jungle of Los Angeles. Needless to say it was a powerful and life changing experience. The day after the ceremony I picked up the National (which I named Elizabeth Ann, after my mom) and out popped the song “De la Vina” The title translates to “of the vine” which is what Ayahuasca is made from. It is the story of my experience and all the players involved. From that starting point more songs poured fourth. I am in the final stages of vocals and mixing. I feel that this is my best and most personal work to date.